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FIT CHICKS ACADEMY™ Fitness & nutrition expert program is the ONLY training PROGRAM IN THE WORLD ENCOMPASSING
4 core specialties in 1



After taking this program, I was able to launch my dream fitness business fast without going back to school full time
FNE was an amazing motivating program! I was nervous as it had been a long time since I had been in "school" and am so busy with 3 kids but this program was so full of exciting, interesting info & it keep me on my toes and engulfed in it. At first I felt a bit unsure on my direction I wanted to take with my business but as Laura & Amanda say trust the process and the journey, enjoy each module it will become clear, one step at a time.
My classes have come far, from offering free classes while in the FNE program, to having 10 to 12 ladies on a weekly basis year round indoor and outdoor for 6 to 12 week sessions.  Plus, my prices have progressively moved up!
There are NO One Size Fits All” in The
Fitness Industry
Right now, as you sit there reading this…

You just feel like something is missing. You know you are meant to do something bigger with your life.

You have a passion for health and fitness & have dreamed of taking it from a “hobby” to a career / business – full or part time – but you are scared. 

Scared you don't “look the part” 

Scared you are too old & won't be taken seriously. 

Scared you don't know enough or have the certifications and aren’t going to be seen as legit. 

Scared what your friends and family are going to think of you. And most of all, scared of trying and failing.

We know how you feel and it’s not your fault.
(Also Why MOST FITNESS COACHES Never turn a profit in their business)

I do not "fit the part" of a coach

If we received a $1 for every women who has told us they feel they need to look a certain way (ie lose 50lbs, get a 6 pack, be a certain age/shape/size) before becoming a fitness & nutrition coach, we would be gazillionaires.  

This LIE is the #1 thief of amazing women pursuing their dreams of working in the fitness industry, building their dream businesses that help people and grow to the level they are capable of. There is no “one size fits all” fitness professional like the health coaching industry has been trying to make women believe for so long with unrealistic marketing and photos. 

Because the truth is – Successful fitness coaches come in ALL shapes & sizes & ages. Your body shape or stage of life has ZERO to do with your ability to help and coach clients.

And there is a movement that is happening among women that are rejecting what society has told us is “fit” and understanding that that looks different for EVERYONE.

Unfortunately, most gyms and certifications are not showcasing this which causes some of what could be the most inspiring female fitness trainers to play small which means less clients, quit or the worst of all... never even start!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I have to work in a big box gym

Can we just say, this is soooo not true!

While for some the idea of working at a big box gym sounds appealing, most women really want to get into this industry to run their own business and grow their clients and revenue to as much as THEY want.

No gym quotas, split shifts, working long hours on someone else’s schedule, teaching the same workout over and over again... you do not have to do this!

You can create your own profitable personal training, group fitness or online coaching – setting your own hours, working with your dream clients and growing your business on YOUR terms – without ever stepping foot in a gym.

The very reason we created our own fitness business was because we never wanted to teach fitness classes or personal train at a big box gym and after reaching multiple 6 figure years, we can safely say it is more than possible :)

I have to spend $1000’s on multiple courses to be able to “MAKE IT”

To be successful in the fitness industry, you can’t be a one trick pony.  

Gone are the days of just teaching classes or training clients to grow a business.  

Yes there are a lot of courses out there that offer each of these topics but what they aren’t going to teach you is how to teach and build amazing classes and programs that get you clients, nutrition programs that work, wellness techniques to improve health and how to thrive & grow in the health industry. 

And to succeed in this business and in healthy living, you have to approach it from all angles.
If you add up all of these multiple courses, it is will cost tens of thousands of dollars plus 100's of hours to take them all. You do not have time for that. You need to be able to help your clients and grow your business as fast as possible.

And the truth is. you only need ONE course.
It is 2022 and clients all have different wants and needs for their age, stage and goals

There are women EVERYWHERE - online & person - who are looking to work with a coach who understands their specific challenges, stage of life and goals.

    • They want someone who can deliver on all these things in addition to workouts
    • Even if you don’t want to teach or coach it all, you HAVE to have the knowledge of all areas to get better RESULTS, help more clients and in turn, make more money helping others.
    • It is about women creating their best life, health and career while building healthier families and communities – inside & out.
    • We need body, health and fitness goal diversity more than ever to inspire more people to focus on movement, nutrition and self love... no matter what age, shape, size, background, ability or goal.
    • And wherever YOU are right now on your journey, you are READY

    If You Are Ready To:

    • Start a new chapter in your life and create the health, life and a business you love – either full or part time as a certified fitness & nutrition coach 
    • Step up your business, bring in more clients, sell out your programs and offers and increase your knowledge in this ever changing industry
    • Step into the impactful fitness & nutrition coach you are meant to be... regardless of your age or stage (in life)
    • To get the certifications to be legit and share your passion with the world  
    • To get the certifications to be legit and share your passion 

      Even if...

      • Have never taught a fitness class or coached a client 
      • ​Have no idea about nutrition for fitness & healthy eating
      • ​Are not where you want to be personally in your health and are worried what other people will think
      • ​Work full time right now, on maternity leave, a stay at home mom or retired
      • ​Are terrified of failing as this is a whole new skillset and journey you are about to embark on
      We’re beyond excited to help you start your dream life, health & business
      no matter where you are starting from...
      From Zero Experience To Over 5k / Month...
      From working full time & single mom of 2 to opening her own fitness biz at 41 that generates up to $8k/month and got in the best shape of her life!
      From overweight & English as her second language to growing her online & in person fitness biz for moms hitting 90k in revenue (her biggest month was over 10k!)
      From all ages, shapes, sizes & backgrounds who are now certified fitness & nutrition coaches and building amazing businesses!
      EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start your fitness business as soon as you graduate!
      The most comprehensive TOTAL COACHING
      of all stages & ages...
      ready to turn their FIERCE health passion into THEIR DREAM LIFE, HEALTH & BUSINESS!
      fne is THE ONLY TRAINING certification PROGRAM IN THE WORLD ENCOMPASSING 4 core specialties in 1 including...



      • The Full 12 week Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program in group fitness instruction, personal training and nutrition & wellness coaching (4 certs in 1)
      • Video & Audio Classes including theory, exercises examples, nutrition including the FIT CHICKS ACADEMY 101 Training Library for a total learning experience
      • Printable Course Notes, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Resources to fast track your knowledge
      • ​Practical Teaching experience done in your community to practice your skills and build your confidence
      • Lifetime access to all taped classes for later viewing
      • ​Membership to our exclusive FNE online community for invaluable support
      • ​Private Podcast access to download all classes and coaching calls to a private stream to access on the go
      • Printed Certificate of Completion mailed to you upon graduation to showcase your accomplishments to the world 
      • Ongoing continuing education with FIT CHICKS Academy & support after program completion to continue to grow
      • ​​Access to the Certified Site upon graduation including done for you workouts, challenges and materials to use with clients from Day 1
      • Expert Feedback from Instructors & Coaches
      • And much more!
      You will have the edge
      on all trainers in the industry

      The FITNESS & NUTRITION EXPERT PROGRAM is a total coaching certification taught ENTIRELY ONLINE

      So you can access the content from ANY mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection!

      No more wasting time commuting or worrying about not being able to keep up, virtual classes can be done from wherever you choose and can be viewed again later to work with your day.
      You’ll become a Triple Threat Coach 
      & be able to...


      After graduating this program, you will be certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – allowing to run group programs, classes and one on one clients so YOU can choose what you want to focus on and build the fitness business of your dreams.


      Throughout this program we are not just teaching you the “Why” with amazing theory but the “How”. through practice hours in your community. This is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle because you will leave with the skills, tools and most importantly, so you can confidently teach and train amazing, structured programs from beginning to end so no nerves or fear


      In order to run programs and classes safely and effectively, you NEED insurance. The FNE Program is recognized by multiple insurance providors internationally so you can start coaching as SOON as you graduate!


      So you can take all your healthy eating and habits knowledge and teach it in workshops, webinars and more to get your clients better results and grow your business.


      So you can write and create healthy recipes and meal plan recommendations for your clients based on their personal fitness goals!


      So you can coach clients around the world! You will learn the skills to develop fitness programs, workouts, challenges, nutrition coaching and more for both in person and online to grow your business.
      • ​​Title of Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert (FNE) by FIT CHICKS Academy Certificate of Completion
      • ​​Digital Assets to show your skills to the world
      • ​​Approval for the additional certifications with canfitpro for Fitness Instructor Specialist & Personal Training Specialist
      • ​​Eligibility for Fitness Professional Insurance 
      • ​​Continuing Education Credits with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA
      • FIT CHICKS Academy Alumni Status & Discounts

      Our Grads Have Gone On To Become:

      • ​​Fitness Business Owners
      • ​​Personal Trainers
      • ​​Group Fitness Instructors  
      • ​​Healthy Eating & Wellness Coaches
      • ​​Recipe Developers
      • ​​Health Writer Gym Managers
      • ​Activity Coordinators
      And That Is Just To Name A Few!
      Meet 2 more of Our Amazing Grads
      Who are CRUSHING It In Their Businesses
      Jenn went from stay-at-home Mom to creating her dream fitness biz that her community needed for Mom & Tots!

      FNE Grad (& Former Miss Plus Size Canada!) who is now running 2 successful body positive focused fitness studios AND multiple TV Spots after graduating!
      Become a certified
      in as little as
      90 DAYS!
      The Fitness &
      Nutrition Expert
      Program IS 
      BY THE
      This certification changed my life & gave me all the tools to start my dream fitness business for moms!
      KAUSAR R
      I enrolled in one of the fitness schools to pursue my dream to open a fitness business but all I received was a book that I needed to finish and take test in order to become a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I was very disappointed and for 6 months I didn’t even finish the first chapter. I will always owe this to my friend Dougmary, who is also my business partner, for introducing me to FIT CHICKS Academy.
      This course has changed my life and given me the business of my dreams that allows me to teach fitness and nutrition to moms.  I train both online and in person and also run nutrition challenges and workshops.  I ABSOLUTELY love this program, and all the information its spreading all around the world.  I feel so grateful to be part of this beautiful community.
      This certification is for you if...

      You Are Looking To:

      • Get certified as a holistic, heart centered fitness professional that stands out from the rest
      • ​Help your clients get amazing results by focusing on a holistic approach including fitness, nutrition & wellness​
      • ​Be prepared and full of confidence while coaching, teaching and training clients
      • ​Build your own business, full or part time in fitness, that makes impact and impact doing what you love
      • ​Have a positive impact on your community and the world by contributing to making it a healthier place
      • ​Grow personally and professionally in ways you never thought and make your passion a reality

      And It Doesn’t Matter If You Are:

      • ​Just getting started with no previous experience
      • ​Currently teaching or coaching but have no certifications
      • ​Considering becoming a fitness & nutrition coach and starting a business as a new beginning
      • ​Passionate about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness and just want to learn for yourself
      • ​Feel a calling to enter this industry but have no idea how you can turn this passion into clients 
      • ​Working full time, are on mat leave, a stay at home mom or just crazy busy in general
      • ​Or a combo of any of the listed above
      Become a certified
      in as little as
      90 DAYS!


      In Module 1, we will set the foundation for the fitness section and you will gain an understanding of fitness terminology, the basic training principles as well as assess the current fitness market. 

      We will also create your personal fitness philosophy that we will build on throughout the program 
      • The Foundation of Fitness 
      • ​Assessment of current fitness trendsand factors affecting the industry
      • ​Basic Fitness Training Principles
      • ​Fitness Lingo 101 
      • ​Create your fitness philosophy
      • ​Setting yourself up for fitness success
      In Module 2, we will cover the skills and tools to effectively and safely screen your clients prior to beginning coaching as well as setting yourself up in terms of legal forms, insurance & more. 

      This section also includes how to effectively communicate with clients prior to coaching for the best results.
      • How to screen your clients effectively
      • ​How to goal set with your clients
      • ​The FC Communication Path for clients
      • ​Legal, Insurance and Waiver Forms
      In Module 3, we will cover learning how the body works in a fun, easy and understandable way! We will cover everything from learning anatomical position and joint movement terminology and the major muscle groups, their functions and how to train them as well as the different types of muscle contractions and the benefits of strength training and recovery. 

      This section also includes how to build flexibility programs, cardiovascular training and how to create an individualized program. Not “sciencey”? Don't worry. We walk you through every step to make it FUN!
      • Introduction to FITT Principle, Skeletal Overview, Flexibility Training
      • ​​Muscular Anatomy and Conditioning
      • ​​Bioenergetics and Cardio-respiratory Concepts 
      In Module 4, we are going to take you step by step to becoming a superstar group fitness instructor, indoor & outdoor program design and how to teach a stand out class that get results that sell for all levels!
      • ​How to breakdown a fierce fitness class from intro, warm up, body, cool down, stretch and wrap up
      • ​How to create fierce, fun and effective group fitness programs for your classes including indoor / outdoor workouts, partner work, circuits, drills, etc
      • ​​Group program design inclusive of all levels
      • ​​Teaching a superstar class: Learn how to cue, demonstrate, motivate and build an effective fitness program
      • ​How to develop levels, injuries and modifications
      In Module 5, we will cover how to build amazing at home personal training programs to effectively train clients based on their goals in a one on one setting, the best equipment for results and coaching for success.
      • Components of a Personal Training
      • ​Developing PT Programs for strength and cardio
      • ​Best equipment for at home training
      • How to structure a pt session for compliance and results
      • ​1:1 Online & In person Coaching
      In Module 6, we will cover everyone’s favorite topic, FOOD!

       You will learn the principles of nutrition for fitness and health, how to create healthy habit recommendations, create macronutrient based personalized programs, how to write and develop balanced recipes, and how to coach clients to create a healthier relationship with food for the long haul.
      • ​How to use nutrition to reach goals (i.e. weight loss, build muscle, get fierce!)
      • ​Real, whole foods made with love & The Complete in 3 rule
      • ​Food intolerances and how to avoid them holding back your progress
      • ​Create custom macro based nutrition recommendations
      • ​Using apps, tools and tricks to stay on track
      • ​How to create custom delicious, well balanced meals
      • ​Recipe development & healthy eating writing
      In Module 7, we will cover incorporating wellness programs including stress relief techniques, the importance of sleep, understanding meditation, types of yoga and the power of thoughts to compliment fitness and nutrition coaching. It will also explore techniques not only to help clients, but to help YOU uncover your personal path & get clear on what you want to create. 

      This section will also serve as a time of self-discovery and personal development for the students to let go of mindset blocks, tools to create clarity and reach your goals.
      • How to build a wellness map
      • ​Strategies to dealing with the emotional side of health
      • ​Stress management – more important than ever!
      • ​Detoxification systems and hormonal balance
      • ​Sleep – The rest & digest system
      • ​​Yoga / Meditation to repair the body and mind
      • ​Visualization techniques and affirmations for health
      • ​​Self-care: How to avoid the “givers burnout”
      • ​Personal development and strategies to overcoming mindset block
      You will also receive...


      We all learn differently and this program is created to ensure we support you on every level. Whether you are an audio or visual person, doing the program at home, on break at work or on your commute, you have access to video and audio of all classes to work with your lifestyle and schedule. 


      Each module includes checklists, course notes, cheat sheets, templates and How to Guides to bring what you learn to life in your coaching 


      No searching or guessing. We provided you with the FC Academy Exercises library including video example of upper body, lower body, cardio, plyos, interval training, tabatas and more including how to adjust for different levels.


      The key to success is PRACTICE! You will be set up with workouts, printable materials for practical classes and clients & step by step how to run these coaching sessions for success. This will be GAME CHANGING in developing your skills, confidence and resume / business throughout this program. 


      This is not a “sign up and see ya later” program. You will get feedback on all assignments and exams from expert fitness and nutrition professionals to make sure you are successful and prepared.


      Forget boring materials or training! We provide you with our FIT CHICKS Academy 101 quick reference training videos to make it easy for you to adjust your workouts, create new patterns and create amazing programs from start to finish.


      Get amazing support by being surrounded by like minded women from around the globe. Meet other students and grads in our private FNE Community.


      You will receive lifetime access to all materials, updates and upgrades #fitchicksfamily4life
      These Special Program BONUSES will pump up the momentum in your business as soon as you graduate!
      BONUS #1
      Exclusive Access to Your Fitness Business Resource Portal
      (Value $2997)
      As a certified fitness & nutrition pro, you need tools to build your biz!

      Upon graduation, you will unlock the Online Fitness Business Resource Portal all of the following: 

      – 10 done for you workouts from our Million Dollar Workout Series designed specifically   for you to launch your online or in person business the day you graduate with results   based programming
      – 3 months of done for you challenges so you can build community and engagement   outside of your classes
       - 4 part Fitness Business Masterclass Collection to help you set up your business for success from the start
      – 5 plus Master Training Workshops to fast track your business success with step by step   guidance on how to master some of the biggest challenges you will see in your coaching   programs
      – How to video guides to show you step by step how to implement these strategies and   workouts with ease

      The Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Toolkit
      (Value $497)
      Also included in the Business Resource Portal is the Ultimate Fitness Coaching Toolkit! Forget spending 100’s of hours and dollars on developing. The Ultimate Fitness Coaching toolkit has done it all for you! Also included in the Fitness Business Resource Portal are these10 Essential, Rebrandable Tools to help you coach clients easily & effectively that you can start using in your business today:

      – Coaching Intake Forms 
      – Client Plan Templates
      – Goal Setting Templates
      – Weekly Food Logs
      – Meal Planning Templates
      – 30 Min Discovery Call Template & Scripts
      – 1 on 1 Coaching Session Template & Scripts
      – Coaching Session Follow up Forms
      Interview Series with Legal Expert Emily:
      Fitness & Nutrition Laws (Value $497) 
      Another bonus training in the business resource portal is this legal series. Get clear on what you need for your fitness & nutrition business with top lawyer Emily Baker who breaks down how to navigate the fitness and nutrition laws when opening a health coaching business in this expert advice video series!
      The Complete Bootcamp Bundle
      (Value $1997)
      A complete "done for you" professionally written 8 week interchangeable HIIT or Bootcamp Program - from what you teach in class, your clients do at home, weekly challenges, social media, and more - to help you launch your biz the day you graduate.
      Build Your Profitable Fitness Business Based on YOUR schedule!
      Lori not has created her dream fitness business of helping other women manage their health but also has transformed her own life in the process.
      Meet FNE Grad Kaitlyn who got certified while on maternity leave and build not 1 but 2 bootcamp programs with over 30 clients.

      Get Certified in
      Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness & Business
      Create the Life, Health & Business You Love!
      Founders of FIT CHICKS®
      & Directors of FIT CHICKS Academy™
      Why we’re THE BEST FITNESS DUO to help transform your FIERCE health passion into a business you love!
      In 2008, we took our fitness passion from 7 women to 7 figures. 
      Just like you, We LOVE fitness. It had transformed our lives and we knew that we could help tons of other women transform their health and lives but we had no clue how to take that passion and turn it into a REAL business where we could support ourselves.

      We got certified but left with just a piece of paper, ZERO confidence, program building knowledge or any business skills. We had no ideas how to find clients, how we could generate sales and how to even create a program that people would pay for.

      So we went to WORK. And through trial and error, we launched our fitness program, FIT CHICKS Bootcamp and 7 women showed up. From there it grew like wildfire.

      Over the next few years, we went from 7 women to 7 figures, launched over 20 locations, created challenges and workshops, ran retreats, sold products on The Shopping Channel, hosted a morning TV show, won a ton of awards and trained 10000’s of women from around the world in person and online.

      We figured out quickly what was the difference between just getting a certification and generating lots of income...and it wasn’t as hard as you think.

      Now before you start to think we are some special snowflake and this could happen for us, let us make it clear….

      When we started FIT CHICKS Bootcamp in 2008, we thought we might never get to be able to do what we love teaching fitness and helping others get healthier AND be able to support ourselves at the same time.

      We weren’t sporty or athletic and started getting into fitness classes later in life. We had never owned our own business before and people thought we were crazy. We had no idea how to build a group program that people who actually pay for.

      But we went to work and figured it out in a way that NO ONE else was doing it in the industry aka we never stepped foot in a gym or had to take loans to get started.

      And from there we had 100's of women coming to us for help and from there, our second baby - FIT CHICKS Academy and the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification - was born. (And our baby now has had more babies through our 600+ grads of the program building their own successful businesses, quitting their jobs and coaching their dream clients in person and online)

      We don’t want you to feel that sense of hopelessness that kept us up at night… we want to show you the way out.

      The way YOU CAN turn your dream of becoming a successful, certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach with a business you love from day 1 a reality.
      Our Bio
      As many fitness companies failed to grow, the Head Chicks passion expanded FIT CHICKS from its award winning women’s only boot camp offered at over 20 locations to include retreats, workshops, challenges, fitness DVD’s, host 2 television series called “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. and the Top Rated Podcast “FIT CHICKS Chat”.

      Their commitment to women’s health earned the company 2019 Top Fitness Professionals of the Year by CanFitPro, 2020 Mompreneur of the Year Awards, named Top Fitness Certifications by The Personal Development Training Centre & Total as well as Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

      As regular contributors to national television and newspapers, appearances on CBC’s “Dragons Den” & The Shopping Channel, the Head Chicks attribute their success to having overcome their own health struggles and staying true to their approach of fierce fitness made fun that’s accessible to all women.

      With a mission to get ALL women creating their dream life / health & career and in turn, build healthier families and communities worldwide, they have packaged over 20 years of expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition and business into this fully recognized, applicable 12 week Fitness & Nutrition Expert certification to give YOU all the tools to take your fitness career, healthy knowledge and life to the next level!
      So What Makes The FIT CHICKS ACADEMY™
      Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification
      the best choice for you?
      Let’S break it down!
      • Narrowed approach, which means you will focus on only 1 aspect of fitness that will limit your scope and skills. 
      • ​Only includes personal training OR group fitness OR online training, which means you are limiting your reach and your income and will need to make multiple courses.
      • No focus on nutrition counselling, which means your clients will not be able to get results and reach long term health goals. Nutrition and wellness is over 90% of the equation!
      • Weekend Courses which means you learn primarily from a book with no additional support.
      • No required teaching hours, which means you will have theory training but have ZERO practical experience when leaving the program.
      • No business training, how to build packages, programs and challenges, legal or insurance – you have to figure this all out on your own which can take 100’s of hours!
      • ​In person courses with a ton of people so no flexibility with dates or opportunity to ask questions.
      • ​No support, which means you will likely finish the program and not have any additional support or access to help you succeed.
        • ​A holistic approach, with a focus on fitness, nutrition, wellness AND business, we are the ONLY all inclusive program that offers it all!
        • ​Includes personal training, group fitness and online training which means you will become versed in 3 areas for the price of 1.
        • ​Nutrition & wellness coaching, which means you will have the knowledge to guide clients to get results and reach long term weight loss and muscle building goals with proper nutrition.
        • ​Fully recognized 7 module certification program which means we are here to support you through the whole process as you start your dream life, health & career.
        • ​Practical hours done in your community to ensure you have REAL LIFE experience to hone your skills, build your resume and clients plus the confidence to teach.
        • ​Show you how to build a full or part time business to generate more income through fitness, nutrition and wellness offerings or launch your own successful business.
        • It’s online! So you can join from anywhere in the world and learn on your own time to work with YOUR schedule.
        • An awesome Chick network with access to job opportunities, awesome resources, discounted services and ongoing support in the industry.
        Once I decided to stop settling and followed my passion, now I am doing what I always thought was not possible as a career!
         MARLENE, Canada
        I was stuck in a rut and a new single mum. My whole life I have been “settling” doing other things which was fun and useful but not fulfilling, all the while fitness and nutrition was my “rock – always there for me” but I never in my life had considered it could be a career. Eventually I found the Fit Chicks Academy certification that had all the elements wrapped into one awesome affordable package. I decided to borrow money from my parents (embarrassing at this age I know) and decided to stop letting life “happen to me”, to stop settling and become the captain of my own ship once and for all.
        This program was mind-blowing. I enjoyed every lesson, every assignment, every challenge. I felt like I was an onion peeling away the layers going deeper into my own being of who I really am and want to be. I had NEVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE HAD THIS MUCH FUN studying something. I had never been THIS MOTIVATED to complete something. I feel that not only did I learn so much about the subject itself but about myself as well.

        It really pushed me to be proactive, it pushed me to change, and to dream BIGGER. Now I am currently teaching fitness classes to a group of older women (low impact) and a group of “new moms” who want to get back in shape (more high impact). I am working on building my brand, defining what I want to bring to the table, and getting my name out there. I would recommend this program 1000x over!
        Become a certified
        in as little as
        90 DAYS!
        We’ve packed a lot into the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program because you deserve EVERY opportunity to create the life, health and career you have dreamed. And there’s no training like ours in the marketplace (believe us, we’ve done the research).

        However, if you’re STILL on the fence or if other certification or courses have left you disappointed (and scared to sign up for another one). We hear ya!

        So here’s our promise to you.

        We want to give you 30 days to test, integrate it into your life, and make sure this is really working for you. Try the first month of the course. If you don't LOVE it, we insist that you get 100% your money back. Here’s what we need in return:
        If the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program doesn’t help you:
        – Gain more confidence in your fitness, nutrition and wellness skills,
        – Get more clients,
        – Grow your business to amazing levels

        Within 30 days, please email us right away.

        Send us proof of your work: this includes classes, quizzes, assignments and co-op.

        The Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program is for women who are committed to:
        – learn and grow in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness field
        – spread the healthy love and get more clients

        This program is NOT for people who just want to collect a piece of paper to feel legit.

        Which means you absolutely must do the work and submit after 30 days* to be eligible for a refund.

        * To view the terms & conditions + full requirements for refund policy, click here.  
        Success Stories!!!
        KAYLEE K.
        I joined the Fitness & Nutrition Expert program because I was looking for a change in my life and my career. I just had my second baby and felt more disconnected from my body, my mind and my community than ever. I had all these new amazing but overwhelming things happening and lost myself for a little bit. 
        My fitness routine was what brought me back to me. From there, I realized that I could build a business through fitness and nutrition to bring moms together, build connections and friendships and help them love their “new” bodies, as well as work around my kids’ schedules and allow me to spend more time at home with them.

        This program has taught me more than I ever imagined – and my business is still in the early stages, but doing great! I’m so grateful for this course, the teachers and the ladies in the course! Its been a great experience.
        TORONTO, ON
        The FNE program literally was the key to my dream job! I put it out there in the universe, accepted that it would take work and time (as most meaningful things do), but once I dug in, it was work that truly interested me: learning more about my body, how to move it to feel stronger, how to better nourish myself to improve my mental health as well feel physically fit, etc…
        The fact that this course has 7 modules (Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness and Business) hits on all the key factors to help anyone with a passion for teaching fitness, personal training, or even running food prep classes, starting a food blog, or whatever! 

        It’s no weekend crash course – you’re signing up to learn things that will stay with you for life. The FNE program provides you with so much useful info, and then the sky is the limit as to how you want to apply it your life and business! I love that they give you the tools and then you lend your own creativity to give real meaning to your passion. That’s what sets this program apart!
        I signed up for the course because I wanted more fitness and nutrition knowledge but ended up starting my own retreat business!
        Because of all the information being thrown at me on this course, it has opened a Pandora’s box and tapped into some fabulous ideas that I hope to pursue. I launched my Bermuda Triangle Retreats where I motivate women to be their better selves through fitness, foodiness and fierceness.

         The only limits (I have learned on this course) are my own and I now have the tools to turn this dream into a reality. There is so much information available that I will be revisiting and delve deeper into the course work. I would totally recommend ANYONE taking this course who has an ounce of interest in fitness and nutrition, you will surprise yourself with what you discover on your journey. Thank you again chicks, you ROCK!
         KARINA S.
        When my life became complicated and challenging during my early 20’s, I found myself on an unhealthy path, eating poorly and treating my body badly.
        After reaching a breaking point in my 30’s, I made the decision to take control and find the happy, confident life I was meant to live. I rediscovered my love for fitness and I decided to enroll in this wonderful program with FIT CHICKS Academy.

        This program has been changed my life, it is not only because I love fitness but also because I discovered that I love to teach to other chicks. I want to show people that it is possible to eat healthy and delicious and love movement just as much as I do!
         JUDIT D.
        After losing 80lbs (yes, 80!) and becoming a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert I have gained the confidence I needed to start my career in Personal Training.
        I love that it covered all aspects of the industry, including fitness, nutrition, wellness and business skills as well, which are so important when we are launching a new business. I am now confidently putting together business plans, personal training profiles, nutrition programs and utilize all the skills I have learned during the co-ops as well.

        I have been also able to improve my online fitness coaching business with the extensive knowledge I obtained throughout the course. Best decision I had made was to enroll in the FNE course with Fit Chicks!
        ANN F.
        After spending the first 15 years of my adult life being morbidly obese, I made the very difficult decision to have RNY surgery. Now I am helping other women
        I have since lost 130lbs and am obsessed with being active. I absolutely LOVE IT. I chose to take the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program to help other women take control of their lives like I did! I loved this program from start to finish.
        Think it's too late to start?
        Meet Beate who started her Online & In person Fitness Business as a second career in her late 40’s!
        Meet Debbie who is a Beachbody Coach and has grown her clientele AND launched her own personal training business with the confidence and skills she has learned!
        Meet Tara who has had 2 job offers from gyms before even graduating!
        Jasmin quit her job in corporate accounting and now runs her own successful fitness & nutrition business.
        After losing 70lbs, Rowan wanted to inspire other women after seeing how fitness transformed her life.  She now runs a body positive fitness bootcamp and coaching biz.
        Originally a music major, Jennifer wanted to incorporate fitness instructing into her life while still pursuing her music career.
        Now she teaches group fitness at 2 gyms and a highly followed Instagram account sharing fitness and health tips
        Megan went from fitness lover to getting certified and living her dream teaching bootcamps and group fitness programs.
        Lyssa took the program on mat leave and was trying to get fit post baby.
        She was tired of all the confusing info out there and decided to get educated so she could love herself, help her family get healthy. Started taking it to teach herself and it turned into loving teaching fitness classes and helping other women reach their goals in her community
        Sandra started taking FIT CHICKS Bootcamp year ago and  LOVED it.
        That passion pushed her to get certified and with clients getting amazing results after month 1 she was hooked!
        Meet Debbie who is a Beachbody Coach and has grown her clientele AND launched her own personal training business with the confidence and skills she has learned!
        After losing over 30lbs, Claudia wanted to help others. She knew she would get certified with this program but what she didn't know was the level of life changing, personal development that came along with it.
        After spending the first 50 years of her life focusing on everyone else, Shelley decided she wanted to spend the next 50 on her. In her own words, “This was the best decision I have made in my life!”
        Meet Chelsea who is living her dream of helping people, owning her own business and helping other mom's with her Stroller Fit Classes.
        After losing 60lbs and after seeing how transforming her fitness and nutrition changed not only her body but her whole life, she knew she needed to get certified! She started with Beachbody and then wanted to next level her skills and certifications to have the confidence to get her clients results. Now with the certification she is growing her BB biz but also opening her own business!
        Meet Liz who not only got certified to be able to coach clients but to also add to her writing and social media promotion  for health companies in her business.
        Rebecca is now a holistic fitness professional and health coach that not only has transformed her own health during this process but her own business.
        Michelle went from being stuck in an unhealthy rut & unhappy in her life and job to getting certified as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert and teaching group classes to incorporate her passion into her life!
        Sue started her fitness journey by doing our TV Show, “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” until her hubbie cut her cable. She wanted to continue on learning by taking the FNE program with no plan of teaching. After going through the program and building her skills AND confidence,  now Sue runs sold out group fitness programs and fitness retreats for women.
        Become a certified
        in as little as
        90 DAYS!
        While these women are at different ages, stages, backgrounds and goals they have one thing in common...
        This could be you!

        The Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification not only gave me the confidence I was missing but grew my business!

        HOLLY D.
        OTTAWA, ON
        As a previously certified fitness instructor in both group fitness and Zumba, this program has helped me further my training in a more holistic approach to healthy living. I am now much more confident, not only teaching my group fitness classes, but in being able to help my clients in nutrition and wellness aspects as well.
        The online classes worked well with my busy and varied schedule. If I happened to need to miss a class, I was able to catch up easily from the recording. They are also taught in a way that is very understandable and supportive. The community that is built is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
        • ​Incredibly passionate about health, ready to start in the industry, and in need of the certifications to do it (it’s time to get LEGIT!)
        • ​Ready to turn their passion into a part time / full time career in health and fitness and take their knowledge to the next level
        • ​Ready to take action and change their life, health and career….without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or confused.
        • ​Not interested in wasting time or money on getting multiple certification or courses that aren’t necessary.
        • ​Tired of feeling uninspired, lacking purpose or hating their jobs and want to be a part of a community of fierce, motivating women to support them in their goals
        • ​Understand the importance of a holistic approach to health and fitness… not only to truly transform health inside & out but to make more part time or full time income as a professional
        • ​Stay at home moms or moms on mat leave who want to start a full or part time career in fitness and health that allow more flexibility and time with their family while improving their own health and knowledge 
        • ​Women looking for a new beginning or fresh start later in life and help others get healthy in the process
        • ​Health & Wellness coaches like BeachBody Coaches, Usana representatives, Isagenix representatives, Essential Oil coaches who are looking to get certified and insured in fitness and nutrition to build their businesses and credibility
        • ​Currently coaching clients but want to expand their skills, certification and coaching offerings to grow their business and income streams... BIG TIME.
          • ​Looking for a short cut to get certified
          • ​Don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn & master your craft
          • ​Not willing to do the work or build real authentic relationships.
          • ​Don’t believe in a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, wellness and business and think it is isn’t necessary to learn about all areas…even if they don’t want to specialize in it
          Become a certified
          in as little as
          90 DAYS!
          frequently asked questions
          we know you are going to ask...
          I heard the Fitness & Nutrition Expert program is more like a high level program than an online course. Is this true?
          Yes, it’s true, and we are so excited about having created the industry’s only total coaching and holistic fitness training certification for women that encompassed group fitness, personal training, nutrition for fitness goals, wellness, personal development and business building.

          Most in person courses in the area of fitness and nutrition are only a day or weekend long – meaning you have BARELY scratched the surface of what you need to know and have ZERO practice or confidence before taking on clients or classes. In terms of online courses, most are “sign up and see ya later” where you register for the class, never have interaction with a REAL person and get a certificate after completing an online exam. 

          Needless to say, we have a lot of women who come to FIT CHICKS Academy after these experiences because they don’t feel ready to teach or coach and have no idea how to start a business!
          That’s why we went above and beyond to create the world’s-most comprehensive, holistic and total coaching, growth focused fitness certification in the world for women

          It will help you master the art of creating & building fitness and healthy eating programs as well as ensure YOU are personally developing with skills, tools and confidence so you can start doing the work that you have dreamed of and positively impact you, your family, your community and your clients.
          How does this program compare to other fitness and nutrition online certifications?
          The Fitness & Nutrition Expert program is the only certification course of its kind in the industry!

          It is the only online certification that provides:

          Total Coaching Approach (covers fitness, nutrition, wellness & business)
          Theory – All materials required
          Practice – Required practical hours to prepare you for real life application 
          Feedback – Email access to your programs coach + human graded assignments & exams Support – #1 global community of students and grads.

          You are not just going to learn the info in class but you are going APPLY and practice what we cover – leaving this course with the skills, experience confidence to be a leading fitness rock star! 
          What happens after I register? How do I access the content and know what to do?
          Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirmation for the program including details on how to sett up your log in to the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program.

          The program officially begins the day you register.

          After you set up your account on the Members Site, you can get started right away with the FNE program orientation to set the stage for the amazing journey ahead.

          The format is video class that is combined with at home study, assignments and practical hours.

          All course info  will be available under the Members section so you can access it at any time.

          The program is broken down into 7 modules. It is taught / released in the following order so we put all of our focus in one area at a time:

          MODULE 1: Intro to Fitness
          MODULE 2: Screening Clients
          MODULE 3: Anatomy
          MODULE 4: Group Fitness
          MODULE 5: Personal / 1:1 Training
          MODULE 6: Nutrition
          MODULE 7: Wellness

          Our online membership site along with your coaches will guide you through the certification so you always know what steps to take next. It contains modules, videos, and downloadable resources for every chapter, as well as assignment & exams for each unit.

          We have set up this program in a way that will keep you focused and accountable without feeling overwhelmed. You will have a FNE Roadmap to give you an overview for what is ahead and live orientation to make it easy to navigate. 

          Then you follow our simple 3-step process for completing each module: 

          Step 1: Complete the video lessons in order. Once watched, it will mark as “complete” and release the next lesson so you will always know where you are at in the course and what classes are coming up to make sure you are on track,

          Step 2: Read any required readings and watch any accompanying videos for the module. You can also explore the additional resources, templates and downloads provided.

          Step 3: Complete any required quizzes, exams or assignments for that module and submit. You can move to the next section once completed or graded and returned to you.

          You will receive weekly communications from your Programs coach and have access to the application call library to ensure you not just learning but putting into practice all that you are learning.
          What happens if I have questions? How do I submit them?
          Once you sign up, you will be assigned a Fit Chicks Academy Programs Coach who will be your support for the duration of the program. She will be there to keep you on track, give feedback on your assignments, collect your practical hours and answer all questions you may have to make sure you are ready to rock!
          How long do I have to complete the program? 
          You have 6 months to complete all requirements for the program. That means you can finish it as quickly as you would like within that time frame. While the program can be finished in 12 weeks, we offer an additional 3 months of support to ensure you have the flexibility (but accountability!) to complete this program successfully and get certified as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert.
          What happens if something comes up and I can not get all the materials done in the 6 month time frame?
          In this case, you can request a one time deferral to re start for a $497 restart fee + applicable tax. This will allow to restart with a future group and provide you with an additional 6 months to complete materials and access to your coach. We will transfer completed materials to the new time frame so you do not lose your work to date.  

          You also have the option to elect for the FIT CHICKS Fitness & Nutrition Education Program. Please note this is not a certification but acknowledgement you have completed the theory portion of the program.
          Do I need any additional books in this program?
          Yes there are 3 supporting books that are required for the program. You will receive a list of them upon registration in your welcome email
          I know this certification is for women only. Does that mean I am restricted to train women only?
          No, you can train both men and women with this certification as the information and knowledge you will learn is gender neutral. You can apply it to personal training, fitness classes and nutrition for goals / healthy eating recommendations to both men and women.
          I noticed a lot of the FNE Grads teach bootcamp style programs. Does that mean I am limited to teaching bootcamp?
          No not at all! The information you learn in this program will help you to develop all type of programming outside of just bootcamp classes. You are not only learning to create and instruct group fitness classes that can be used in a bootcamp format or in any group class style but how to build a program and design a program for all fitness levels as well as teach any type of fitness program successfully for results.
          Is this program recognized by other organizations?
          While you are eligible for insurance and teaching with the FNE certification only, this program is also internationally recognized by multiple organizations for accreditation and / or continuing education units including:

          canfitpro – accredited for the Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification and Personal Training Specialist Certification

          NASM – Recognized for 1,9 Continuing Education Units

          AFAA – Recognized for 15 Continuing Education Units

          We also have been named one of the top fitness certifications for women by The PTDC (Personal Training & Development Centre) and

          Even if your certification isn’t listed above, the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification has never been turned down for CECs or CEUs from any organization. Our students have successfully petitioned and gained CECs / CEUs from ACSM, ACE & CSEP.  

          You’ll just need to send a course summary and a copy of your certificate to the organization to review. If unsure, send us an email at for any updates to our current list of approved organizations or for help with the petitioning process.

          We want to make sure you are staying on top of your game in fitness, nutrition, wellness and business. To maintain your certification you will be required to complete 4 online continuing education credits through FIT CHICKS University each calendar year of your certification in order to stay current. 

          These online classes will be packed full of awesome education to help you master your craft and continue to grow and learn in this awesome field* FC University reminders will be sent prior to certification due date. An additional course fee of $89 + tax applies to complete.
          Get Certified in
          Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness & Business
          Create the Life, Health & Business You Love!
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          LAJQ Chick Enterprises Inc is not associated with Facebook or Facebook, Inc.

          DISCLAIMER: The Fitness & Nutrition Expert program is a serious course for women who are ready and committed to learning and growing in the fitness, nutrition & wellness fields, who want to spread the healthy love and get more clients, and NOT for people who just want to collect a piece paper to say they have it. Our main goal is for you to succeed and we put a lot of effort into supporting you through this program, however we do expect you to put in the work and commitment to create the life, health & career you are looking for. Please take this into consideration prior to signing up and make sure you have read the terms & conditions above.